Common UX Traps to be Avoided while Designing a Website

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Aesthetically designed websites not only look credible but also attract the attention of more and more visitors. The first thing that catches the attention of visitors is the look of a website. It is here that User Experience plays an integral role and comprises of several factors.

  • Ergonomics
  • Usability
  • Accessibility
  • Utility
  • Performance
  • Marketing
  • Design
  • Overall human interaction

User Experience, in the simplest way, can be explained as an emotion, connection or experience that a visitor gets while browsing through any website, product or services. For any website or digital services, User Experience is considered as the prime factor because it is important to make sure that users are able to browse site easily and understand functionality as well as easy navigation.

However, there are several UX traps which designer should be aware of so as to avoid them while designing a website. Here are a few common UX traps.

1. Low Contrast of Design Elements

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Users or online visitors are time-strapped, and thus have no time to waste in going through website and content. In order to achieve the best UX, it is extremely important to have precision for colors, call to action, fonts and background including other design elements. There should be contrast in all these elements for making the content prominent and expressive. Placement of call to action button should be done with great care so that it is easily readable and executable.

2. Fixed Navigational Headers

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Although these are not present everywhere, however several websites still have Fixed Navigational Headers. Given the fact that these headers are extremely large, and thus block content which should be visible to the relevant visitors, it is essential to ensure that none of the relevant information should hide behind the navigation header or menu. There is yet another thing – the presence of such headers on the mobile version of website blocks content on mobile screen. It might lead to bad User Experience.

3. Touch Target on Mobile websites

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These days, the mobile version of websites are very important for branding and online visibility, but one must keep a check on the placement of the important links in order to avoid activation of other links or advertised products. It’s a common factor that visitors hit any button or link when they are close to the edges of the website. If you are designing links similar to this then you need to ensure that visitor wants to waste their energy and time for getting the undesired link. Here, spacing has a crucial role to play too.

4. Undefined Forms

People do have much time to waste while browsing a website and submitting a form having numerous fields. It should be precise and simple, readability is vital in order to make the visitor stay on your website. They should ask for relevant information only and should be straight forward, i.e. the form should not be short of instructions.

To sum up

It is extremely essential to make website consistent with smooth navigation and easy graphics. In addition, it is equally important to make sure that the graphics as well as images upload without taking lots of time. In the present era of high tech world, there are myriad of options which exist for a product or website, hence think before starting designing a website to make sure it is easily readable, accessible and flexible. This will help you in achieving unique websites with better and increased UX and conversion rate.