What’s next in web design 2017?

Web Design Trends in 2017

The development of internet has overlapped with the development of websites and online portals. These websites coming up with an unprecedented pace are meant to fulfill the increasing demand of the websites as everybody is trying to make a mark on the web these days. Every single business house, educational institution and even personnel are getting on the web. This has grown the requirement for Web Designing. The last few years have been really well for web designing and with the year 2016 behind us, it is time for us to look at few of the possible trends that might come up in the year 2017:

1. Departure of flat designs

Presently, web designing has come to a part where everyone uses the same stock module and make small improvisations in it to give it a customized look. 2017 can be the end of this trend, as designers might start to look out for more innovation driven ideas instead of copying each other.

2. Prominence of content

It can be expected that we have saturated our willingness to experiment with the color schemes, sidebars and other flashy stuff on the website. It is quite possible that the web design would start concentrating on the quality of the content being passed on. This could be a welcome change as it would ensure gradual improvement in web content quality.

3. More involvement of animation and gif

While there are already several websites that make use of animations and Gif files to make their web designs more appealing; it is expected that this trend would eventually catch up in 2017 as more and more web designers would start to experiment with these elements.

4. More responsive designs with constraint based design tools

The increased use of constraint based design tools would start to catch pace. By using such tools, designers can ensure that their designs become more engaging for the end users. This would be one of the biggest victories for the web design fraternity, as we have started to believe that flat designs are the only things around.

5. Mobile friendly designs

It is a well known fact amongst the web community that most of us have got in the habit of reaching out to the websites through mobile devices. The stock websites are designed usually for the PCs. This trend is likely to change as the designers will start to deliver websites that are more compatible with the mobile devices.

6. Use of custom elements

The need to let yourself have an identity in the web fair, the designers have started to look out for some custom elements that might give their designs a sense of identity. These custom elements might be hand drawn imagery and signs as well as some previously unused set of color schemes.

7. Use of interactive UI

The time of stagnant user interface has long passed. Interactive interfaces that can mould according to the requirements of the user are going to be a definite chartbuster in 2017. There is a lot of research going in this area and this year can be the fruiting one.

Irrespective of what happens in this year, it is quite sure that we would be seeing better and improved web designs. 2017 seems to be a year of promise, let us hope that yields to the expectations from it.