Tips for designing effective banner ads

Tips for designing effective banner ads

Banners have become the most useful form of online marketing as they allow the products to get flashed to the prospective clients with ease. This is basically a discrete form of advertisement as the customers are reached without actually having to get them to some specific website. Because of the development in the data analysis and data science, these banner ads have become increasingly accurate in reflecting the preferences based on the browser history. As the number of people with regular access to internet is increasing, the number of products sold through online platforms is also rising and so is the requirement for banner ads.

The increase in the demand of banner ads has reflected in the large number of designers trying to make their name in this arena. Let us look at some of the expert tips that could help you to design a banner ad which is both discrete and effective in view to consumer conversion.

• Clean and sober:

Try to design a more sober banner without flashing extra colors and extra details. Being over-flashy is one of the biggest reasons for the onlookers to avoid the banner. Now it is a no brainer that if an ad will engage the client, only then would it generate traffic.

• Attention grabbing images:

While excess of colors are discouraged, using an attention grabbing copy or image can be game changer. The use of relevant imagery to the product as well as balance of color schemes goes a long way in ensuring viewer to consumer conversion.

• Call-to-action:

It is advisable to call on the viewer for an action instead of just providing information. It has been observed that humans have the tendency to respond positively to call for action while they usually forgo the part in which they are required to process information.

• Should be in sync with the web design:

The banner ad should be designed in a manner that its design is in sync with the visual schemes of the destination website. This generates credibility for the ad and thus helps in improving the chances of its effectiveness.

• Easy to load:

The ad should always be easily loadable. No one would ever wait for an ad to appear out of the revolving waiting cursor. This can be ensured through reducing the size of the banner to the optimum through the use of proper sized images and other formatting.

• Animation and GIFs:

GIF and animation have a better chance to get the user engaged with the ad when compared with stagnant non responsive banners. It is because the human mind is designed to respond to images better than text.

• Client Understanding:

It is always advised in the marketing business to know your client and their prospective requirements before approaching them for a product. Same is the case for banner ads; they should be perfectly in sync with the requirements and the expenditure preferences of the clients.

Designing has always been one of the most challenging tasks and when it involves getting the attention of an audience as varied as on the online platforms, the task becomes all the more difficult. The bottom line with Online Banner Ad Designing is that the banner should not be disturbing or disrupting the browsing experience of the viewer in a negative way. It should be attention grabbing, for sure, but without seeming to be irritable.